Renovation on Hubbard’s Cave in Chicago

It is true that Hubbard’s Cave is where Interstates 90 and 94 go under Hubbard Street in Chicago’s West Town. However, it is more than just a street underpass. Hubbard’s Cave is a triple-decker infrastructure sandwich that passes beneath railroad tracks, parking lots, and even entire warehouses are perched over this vital Chicago motor artery. Now and then, there are gaps in the roof allowing people to peek down into traffic. Or more often, allowing the traffic below brief glimpses into shafts of sunlight from above. Hubbard’s Cave runs approximately a quarter mile consisting of 1,108 suspended-mounted light fixtures and 104 wall-mounted light fixtures. Hubbard’s Cave was a very dark drive until the first lights were added in 1962.

In January 2023, Meade was awarded an IDOT contact, teaming up with bridge painting contractor Capital Coatings LLC out of Indiana. The project consisted of painting and LED lighting upgrades. Over the past month, led by the Meade infrastructure highway management team, Meade has completed the installation of 287 fixtures making the cave a brighter, more vibrant travel path for the more than 325,000 travelers that pass through the cave on a daily basis. The next stage is scheduled to begin in April of 2024 when the southbound side will be completed while installation on the northbound side will begin.