Renewable Energy

Installing EV charging station for our customers at airports, villages, and offices complexes, and utility-grade solar farms across the Midwest. Meade is proud of its continued work in the growing renewable energy market.



With the fast-growing popularity of EVs and a number of federal and state tax breaks aimed at incentivizing investment in EV technology, now is the time to think about installing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), or EV charging stations. Meade can assist you in every step of the process, walk you through technical and business considerations, serve as a consultant for what approach makes the most sense for your organization, and perform all aspects of the installation for you.

  • Rebates and Tax Incentives to Recoup Large Portions of EVSE Capital Investment Costs
  • Added Benefit to Employees
  • Charge for Charging Time
  • Earn a Reputation as an Environmentally-Friendly Business
  • Added Benefit for Visitors or Customers
  • Puts Your Business on the Map
  • Once Selecting and Installing a Charging Station
    • Your Business Will Appear on Their Network Charging Map (Attracting Customers to Your Business)
  • Additional Specific Benefits for Electrified Vehicle Fleets
  • Long-Term Savings
  • Environmental Benefits

Meade Can Use Our Knowledge and Experience to Walk Alongside You Each Step of the Way By:

  • Assessing Your Unique Needs through a Site Assessment, Power Audit, and Load Calculations
  • Planning With You for Your EV Charging Needs (Short and Long Term) by Evaluating:
    • Planning Property Layout, Number of Chargers and Parking Spaces
    • Selecting Brand and Type of Chargers (Level 2, AC or DC Fast Charging)
    • Advising on Lighting and Security
    • Considering Use of Solar Cells and Battery Power Storage
  • Budgeting for Your EV Project
  • Planning and Preparing for EVSE Installation
    • Contacting Local Electric Utility for Any Service Upgrade that may be Needed
    • Securing Necessary Permits for Installation
    • Establishing a Timeline that Fits Your Plans
  • Installing Your EVSE
    • Providing a One Stop Shop to Perform any Civil or Electrical Work for Your Install Needs
    • Facilitating Any Required Inspections to Get Your EVSE Up and Running

Meade is Qualified to Assess, Design and Install Your Equipment as a Turnkey or Perform Any Step Along The Way.

  • Utility-Grade Solar Installations

For Renewable Energy
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