Utilities: Electrical and Gas Distribution

As a contractor of choice, our customers depend on us to provide quality service of
electrical, natural gas distribution, and civil work on time every time.


  • Overhead/Underground Electric System Installation and Maintenance
  • Electric Substation Construction and Maintenance
  • Conduit Installation, Replacement, and Rehabilitation
  • Self-Supporting Trench and Excavation Work
  • Disaster Recovery Projects

Meade has been performing outside electrical services in Indianapolis since 2006. We are primarily performing services related to utility streetlighting, overhead distribution and underground distribution in the greater Indianapolis area.

Our streetlighting crews are currently under contract to perform maintenance services for over 120,000 lights in the Indianapolis area. This can range from changing a fuse or a lamp to replacing a broken pole or column. We are also installing new services as required to increase the streetlighting capacity of Indianapolis. In 2008, we completed a HPS conversion to replace approximately 15,000 roadway fixtures from Metal Halide to High Pressure Sodium and recently in 2021 we completed a project that replaced over 25,000 HPS fixtures from High Pressure Sodium to LED in the greater Indianapolis area.

Our distribution crews are currently performing maintenance and new construction in Indianapolis. We currently have multiple overhead distribution crews working on voltages primarily 15kV and below and an underground crew providing splicing and switching support for the utility. Since 2006, we have performed varying scopes of work ranging from a work order needing a single fuse replaced to a project requiring over 100 new poles with miles of new conductors. We have worked circuits 15kV and below all the way up to 138kV construction. Also, we provide smaller crews as required to support utility trouble and service connection work. 

  • Pipe and Conduit Installation, Replacement, and Rehabilitation
  • Specialty Excavation and Shoring Solutions
  • Deep Excavation and Trenchless Solutions
  • Installation, Maintenance, Restoration, and Closeouts
  • Testing
  • Gas Distribution, URD and Joint Trench Blanket Contracts
  • Residential and Commercial Service and Meter/Regulator Work
  • Relights

Meade is a large utility contractor. We build, maintain and repair overhead and underground electric & gas systems. We are a Contractor of Choice for Commonwealth Edison, and we perform maintenance for Indianapolis Power & Light Company.  

We have also worked for many other electric utilities for over 100 years. We have helped many utilities restore their storm-damaged systems. We helped utilities in the south when hurricanes Katrina and Ike hit as well as utilities in the Midwest when winds and ice took out many of their customers. 

Call us 24/7 when you need help. Our crews have all the support equipment required to do the job – trucks, material handlers, diggers, trailers for material and poles, equipment for underground and rear lot work – all the equipment for every kind of restoration work. Our in-house mechanics help maintain the fleet. If you need more than 60 crews, we can coordinate them through our storm partnerships. 

General Capabilities: 

  • Overhead & Underground Electrical Construction/Repair/Operation 
  • Natural Gas Transmission & Distribution Construction/Repair/Operation 
  • Substation Construction 
  • Traffic Signals & Lighting 
  • Telecommunications 
  • Engineering Design 

Joe Holland
Program Director
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Grant Williams
Manager – Indianapolis
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