Since 1908

Innovative, dependable, and fully committed to our clients’ success, Meade’s superior service has stood the test of time for over a century. We began by converting gas lighting to electric in Chicago neighborhood buildings for ComEd, then moved on to modernize park and street system lighting. We withstood the Depression with projects ranging from the Chicago World’s Fair to the Rural Electrification Act, while expanding into heavy manufacturing with U.S. Steel and other government contractors to meet World War II production requirements.

Through the post-War decades, Meade lit the toll roads and Midwestern cities, helped construct steel mills and refineries, diversified into telecommunications and electronics, and much more, from petrochemical industry work to landmark building and hospital projects. From the ‘80s through the end of the century and beyond, Meade has continued to adapt quickly and respond tirelessly, with state-of-the-art, advanced automation, MRI technology, fiber optic data communications, systems for heavy industry, major airport, and hotel projects, and more. At the same time, the company that began changing gas lamps for electric lights so long ago has become a major force for environmentally responsible, energy-efficient retrofitting of all kinds.

In every economic climate, with every new market and new technological challenge, and in every aspect of our work, Meade has persevered under all conditions, with ingenuity and integrity. While others have come and gone, we are still here after more than a hundred years. Because clients like you can tell the difference.

Our Mission Statement

Meade and its employees are committed to safety, quality, and value in the construction industry that exceeds our customers’ expectations.
We achieve our mission by creating an environment of mutual trust, respect, and teamwork, with dedication to continuous improvement.