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CTA RPM Project Highlights

Over the past two years, Meade is proud to be associated with the CTA RPM Project with our partners Walsh Fluor and Lagrange Crane. The multi-phase Red Purple Modernization Program aims to increase efficiency, economics, and rider experience of Chicago’s most traveled track – The Red Line. A decade long study and outreach showed train capacity reaching a metaphorical tipping-point – an inability to add more trains to peak periods. Meade has been working safely day, nights and weekends to move this major project forward for the CTA and city of Chicago. Continue reading

Planet Underground: Cross Bore Mitigation

Meade participated in the Planet Underground Roundtable Live event in August of 2019. Chris Mordus discusses and details cross bore mitigation. Chris sheds light on why sewer cameras inspections must be completed before installing gas mains, and how awareness to the cross-bore issue is impacting industry standards.

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Special Olympics plane pull at O’Hare

Meade has been participating in the Special Olympics plane pull at O’Hare every year since 2009.  This year the event raised more than $225,000 for Special Olympics of Illinois to allow athletes across the state to compete in sports at cost, year in and year out.  The Plane Pull features the ultimate tug-of-war competition as teams of up to 20 battle a UPS Airbus A300 or United Airlines 737, weighing more than 180,000 lbs.

This year the Meade team pulled twice! Winning both pulls!

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