Utilities: Gas Distribution Division

Meade performs turnkey operations or specific task functions on Natural Gas Distribution mains, services, and metering.
Meade is known for completing its jobs in a timely and safe manner.

Our Gas Distribution Work


Meade installs, replaces, upgrades, repairs and videos all sizes of plastic and steel pipe in urban and rural settings.

Meade has decades of experience and is a leader in the industry in directional drilling, open cut trenching and deep shoring.


Meade installs services of all sizes with every installation method.
Meade’s people are trained and certified under the various operator qualification protocols.


Meade’s experience includes every aspect of gas meter installation with highly qualified technicians.
Meade performs thousands of meter change outs per year for our customers.

Our Gas Distribution Capabilities

  • Natural Gas Distribution
  • Infrastructure Replacement and Maintenance
  • Trenchless Technologies and Directional Drilling
  • Cathodic Protection


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