For 24 Hour Dispatch please call 773-287-7672
Your operation is crucial, and you're expected to perform under whatever conditions occur. With Meade, you're not alone. In manufacturing, public safety, utility delivery, telecommunications and all the other areas we work in, we deliver the highest level of performance. So you can, too.

Clients depend on Meade for all types of design, construction, and maintenance of electrical power and natural gas distribution systems and telecommunications technologies.

Our expert personnel get continuous education to keep pace with technological innovations and fast-changing industry standards. And our 24-hour emergency dispatch service gives clients peace of mind, knowing we're always on the job to keep crucial operations up and running.

Whether your project requires design-build, system upgrades or conversions, or emergency repair, we complete every job we take on, no matter how challenging. And we always stand behind the work we do. From surveillance cameras to cell tower installations and from storm water pumping stations to alternative energy facility construction, Meade performs the job correctly, on time and on budget.