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Frank A. Lizzadro
Vice President
Meade's Utilities and Pipeline Division

Meade's wide ranging expertise is highly regarded in the areas of electric systems, natural gas and liquids pipelines and telecom design, construction maintenance and rehabilitation. We have highly skilled administrative and trades people with years of experience with our company to build electric, natural gas and piping systems for you.

We perform top quality safe work in the following areas:
  • Electric, natural gas systems
  • Petroleum and telecom design
  • Construction, maintenance & rehabilitation
  • Overhead & underground electric line installation & maintenance
  • Pipe and conduit installation, replacement & rehabilitation
  • Trenchless technologies/conventional & directional drilling
  • Gas transmission & distribution pipeline installs
  • Metering/regulating stations
  • Electric substation construction
  • Gas compression and storage installation, rebuilds and maintenance
  • Petroleum pipeline and pump construction and maintenance
  • Emergency restoration
  • Disaster recovery projects
  • Steam, chilled and hot water piping systems
  • Trench work
  • Pipe ramming
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